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Pacific University & the WREN Present: Ethnic Studies for Educators

Have you ever wondered what ethnic studies is all about? Are you hesitant to teach the new ethnic studies standards because you’ve never taken an ethnic studies class? Ethnic Studies for Educators is designed for in-service teachers looking to build foundational knowledge of ethnic studies as a discipline as well as develop a deeper understanding of the critical pedagogy of ethnic studies.

1 graduate credit & $500 stipend upon successful completion of the course, both paid for by the WREN.


June 28-July 8, Tuesday-Friday both weeks

9:00-11:00am each day


Dr. Leah Dunbar and Ms. Kate Klein

As educators, it’s important that we honor the stories of ALL our students. My experience of becoming an ethnic studies practitioner has brought my work in education to life in powerful ways. I am excited to engage with educators, as we explore together the questions that ethnic studies raises: how does our personal identity intersect with the fascinatingly complex backdrop of the American story? What potentials are created for students when we deliver culturally affirming, historically accurate and inclusive curriculum? What strategies can we employ to create relevance, joy, and belonging, as we apply this critical approach to her/his/our story?

Dr. Leah Dunbar

Being raised in Oregon, my educational experience in public education was overwhelmingly Eurocentric. Learning how to incorporate diverse perspectives and embrace a broader and more accurate American history as a secondary social studies and language arts teacher in rural Lane County was something I had to figure out largely on my own until just a few years ago. Learning the pedagogy of ethnic studies changed the way I teach and improved my connection to my personal identity and the beautiful and diverse identities of my students

Ms. Kate Klein


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