• Cameron Yee

The EAC Presents "Embodied Resilience: Towards Relationship with our Nervous System"

Session Description:

Come lean into the wisdom of the body and explore resilience through a neurobiological lens. This session seeks to normalize our stress response and to provide both a framework and practices that support the compassionate regulation of our nervous system. In doing so, we are better equipped to move with intentionality and to be in right relationship with ourselves and community. We will engage in a few embodiment practices, become familiar with the nervous system’s window of tolerance, explore the connection between habituated responses and internalized oppression/dominance, honor the biological need for relationship with Polyvagal Theory, and find an alchemical resilience through the 4-step embodied self-inquiry process.

Note: Primary session content will be delivered in English. Interpretation is available and can be requested in the registration form. If this is something you’d appreciate, please register by April 30 so we can plan ahead.

Contact: Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at rji@democraticeducation.org


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