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Welcome to the WREN

The Western Regional Educator Network (WREN) offers professional learning opportunities, continuous improvement coaching, and change project funding in order to support educators in every stage of their career.


What We Do

We are an educator-led, improvement-focused network that elevates and embraces teachers' voices. During the academic years 2020-2023, the Western Regional Educator Network (WREN) will be working with local educators and regional stakeholders to diversify the workforce and create more inclusive, empowering, and equitable school cultures.

“This group has made me feel unisolated (I know that is not a real word but it is how I feel)—[with the WREN] I feel heard, seen, understood, supported, and empowered.”

--Teachers of Color Unite! Member


A Continuous Improvement Coach will help you navigate the process of making your Change Idea come to life.

Professional Learning

Check out our upcoming professional learning opportunities.


Funds are available to support teacher-led teams through the design and implementation of a change project.

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