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Professional Learning

Many educators agree equity is important in our school systems, though they don't always know how to best work towards it in their classrooms. Through WREN-sponsored PD, educators can learn strategies to promote equity in schools and make sure each student is prepared to reach their potential.

PD Follow Up

We also recognize professional learning is the first move toward change, but real transformation comes afterward, when we take action on our learning by designing and implementing strategies and techniques presented during the PD. If you are ready to dig into the learning, you can request PD Follow Up support from our coaching staff.

(If you have questions, there's a great FAQ on the form!)

Sharing the Learning

After attending our PD events, participants often wonder how to get their colleagues or building staff involved in the learning as well. Here are some suggestions and strategies:

  • Encourage your colleagues to subscribe to our newsletter so they can stay up to date about our offerings.

  • Try to attend an opportunity with others in your building or district so you can collaborate on how to implement the learning in your environment. 

  • Tell your administrator about the growth and success you've experienced by participating in WREN PD.

  • Talk to your administrator about privately contracting with our PD providers so they can bring the learning to your school or district. Contact us if you would like us to make a virtual introduction with one of the providers. 

  • Sign up for a "Group & Grow" list to connect with other educators about the PD. 

  • Sign up for one of the PD extension opportunities offered after each opportunity.

Professional Learning
Design-Your-Own Change Project

Design Your Own (DYO) Change Project

Do you have an idea for an improvement in your local setting? The WREN will support your team with the design, implementation, and measurement of a change idea that will increase educator retention.

Define the Problem

How can the system better serve educators?

Identify a Team

Who needs to be involved?

Who is closest to the system or issue?

Submit Your Idea!

Fill out the DYO Change Idea Interest Form to start.

If you're looking for inspiration or just curious what others are doing, visit the Change Project Gallery.

You can also learn more about the continuous improvement process that guides this work.

Affinity Spaces & Communities of Practice

A key driver in our theory of change is to provide regional opportunities for educators of color to connect with each other and work toward building and strengthening systems of support. There are a number of opportunities listed below that you can be part of, but if you're also interested in developing an affinity space (AS) or community of practice (CoP) for your own context, you can request coaching support, which will follow a specific implementation and coaching model we've found to be successful.  

Affinity Spaces

4j BIPoC Affinity Space

To create a community of connection and support for BIPoC educators in the Eugene 4j School District.

Queer Educators

For queer/gender diverse/LGBTQ+ staff of school districts in the WREN region.

Linn Benton Lincoln ESD BIPoC Affinity Space

A monthly opportunity for BIPOC staff of Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD to build connection and support. To join,

contact Michi Caldwell at

Teachers of Color Unite!

The goal of this affinity space is to create a community of care, connection, and collaboration to teachers of color throughout the WREN region.

Communities of Practice

ELD Community of Practice

Connect with other English Language Development educators in Lane, Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties. To join, contact Jennifer Ashcraft at

Regional Mentoring Community of Practice

Contact Cindy Drouhard at OR Tami DuFault-Toomb at

Special Education Community of Practice

Special Education practitioners coming together to

support one another, learn, and grow. Contact Michi Caldwell at

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