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The WREN offers professional learning opportunities, continuous improvement coaching, and change project funding in order to support educators in every stage of their career. 


We prioritize teacher voice and utilize a continuous improvement process to make changes in our systems that will help teachers succeed. 

Get Involved

Attend Professional Learning

Many teachers agree that equity is important in our school systems, though they don't always know how to best work towards it in their classrooms. By taking advantage of WREN-sponsored professional learning opportunities, educators can learn better strategies to promote equity in schools and make sure each student is prepared to reach their potential. The WREN will cover costs for our sponsored professional learning opportunities and may cover substitute reimbursement, depending on the event. See individual events for specifics.

Professional Learning

Lead a Team

The Western Regional Educator Network (WREN) works to create a diverse teacher workforce by supporting system changes from the ground up. We are seeking ideas from local educators to further support and recruit Teachers of Color.

Support is available to existing and aspiring teacher-led teams with the design, implementation, and funding of a change project that will support educator empowerment, teacher leadership, and communities of care and connection.

Define the Problem

How can the system better serve educators?

Identify a Team

Who needs to be involved?

What teachers or staff are closest to the system or issue?

Submit Your Idea!

Fill out the Design-Your-Own Change Project Form below to start the process.

Design-Your-Own Change Project

The WREN's projects, or Change Ideas, are local educators' concepts and ideas for improving processes and systems that enhance the teaching experience. 

Change Ideas are informed by the users (educators) and start small with the potential to scale up to improve larger systems across the region.

Approved Change Ideas are led by a team of district/school/community stakeholders referred to as the Improvement Design Team (IDT). The IDT will implement the Change Idea at the local level. We believe those closest to the issue are the best suited to improve it, so the IDT must include at least one teacher. 

The WREN assigns a Continuous Improvement Coach who helps the Design Team navigate the continuous improvement process to make the Change Idea come to life.


We will begin accepting Change Idea proposals in Spring 2023. WREN funding is not intended for pre-existing programs.

Lead a Team
Design-Your-Own Change Project

Affinity Spaces and Communities of Practice

A key driver in our theory of change is to provide regional opportunities for teachers of color to connect with each other and work toward building and strengthening systems of support. Below are several opportunities.

Teachers of Color Unite!

The goal of this affinity space is to create a community of care, connection, and collaboration to teachers of color throughout the WREN region.

LBL ESD BIPoC Affinity Space

A monthly opportunity for BIPOC staff of Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD to build connection and support. To join,

contact Michi Caldwell at

4j BIPoC Affinity Space

The goal of this affinity space is to create a community of connection and support for BIPoC educators in the Eugene 4j School District.

LBL Regional Mentoring Community of Practice

Contact Cindy Drouhard at OR Tami DuFault-Toomb at

ELD Community of Practice

Connect with other English Language Development educators in Lane, Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties. To join, contact Kara Day-Isaias at

Join a Team
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